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QR2Coupons Helping Local Urban Stores Build Engaging MOBILE COUPONS for their Clients

Why Mobile Coupon Software Can Help Your Business

Building Beautiful Coupon Campaigns for your Clients and Customers!

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We would like you to experience 'real' rich media add units,embedded on your companies facebook social timeline and newsfeed. The moment you scan this qr code and see the Facebook page on your smartphone, you will convince yourself that connecting with 'your' facebook likers and followers, is easier then you think... Remember, this is NOT an app, it is publising to social media, making your mobile marketing fast and easy


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How to create a successful mobile coupon campaign! A new breed of coupons, special offers, and promotion tactics has arrived alongside mobile. Are you targeting Mobile!

Golden Opportunity

Instant Gratification

On the Go Coupons

Offer Fun & Engagement

The beauty of mobile is its notable ability to happen in the moment. Since most people don't leave home without their phones, it's a golden opportunity for marketers to make coupons timely and appropriate for the user. For starters, it's important to make sure mobile coupons are instantly redeemable. Create a successful mobile campaign! They say the less steps -- or clicks -- the better. And in the mobile world, fast, quick, and painless is crucial to sustaining engagement as well as redemption rates. When it comes to mobile coupons, it's highly important that the campaign provides instant gratification. A new breed of coupons has arrived. Are you targetting Mobile!. Brands across the board are embracing mobile as a way to deliver content to consumers, the very moment that they need it, which has revived the coupon's popularity among new audiences. On-the-go coupons cater to the things shoppers have come to value -- efficiency, utility, ease of use, and real-time relevance. As marketers, we all know coupons can be a great incentive to momentarily spur sales, recruit new customers, and reinforce brand messaging. In fact, providing additional content with your mobile campaign is a sure-fire way to not only improve engagement with the coupon itself, but also encourage a repeatable model over time.

Redemption & Validation made easy

No matter which validation method you want to use, they're embedded on the claimed coupon page. A direct connection with the qr2coupon server validates the coupon on the spot.

To validate the coupon transaction, the user must present their claimed coupon to a business associate at an authorized location. 4 validation methods can be used where each coupon can only be validated once per customer and when the offer has been redeemed, it will no longer be valid.

1. Enter consumer`s unique Coupon Code into the Widget.

2. Scan the Bar Code off the customer`s mobile phone or printed offer.

3. Simply scan the embedded QR Code code off the customer`s phone.

4. Simply have your client enter a pin code to validate the coupon.

Get A Mobile Coupon Campaign FREE TRIAL for your FACEBOOK Page Now Here-

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